Raila’s Brother Accuses Ruto Of Bewitching Migori Residents

Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Oburu Odinga has accused Deputy President William Ruto of bewitching Migori residents and he should not pretend to be a bishop.

Speaking in Ugenya Constituency, Oburu claimed that DP Ruto has bewitched Migori residents and Kenyans at large and should not pretend that he is a saint.

While rooting for his brother’s presidency, The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) member noted that Kenyans should not be fooled by Ruto’s ‘savior’ narrative. According to him, Raila is the only one that has stood with Kenyans and not Ruto.

“Somebody who was a witch comes to you here and starts preaching as if now he is a bishop. How do you turn yourself from running at night bewitching people and then you say you’re now a bishop? People of Kenya are not stupid, they know who has been consistent in fighting for the interests of Kenya and who has been in the system,” Oburu said as reported by Citizen Digital.

Dr. Oburu odinga and Rt Hon Raila Odinga during a past even. Photo: Courtesy.

Oburu also noted that Raila is not waiting for endorsement from anybody in his quest for the presidency as claimed by Ruto’s allies.

He said that the ODM leader is also struggling like other contenders to lead the country and he is not expecting to win the country’s top seat on a silver platter.

“What I want to say here is that we’re in a struggle, we’re not expecting to be given leadership on a silver platter. Raila is fighting for the presidency like any other, so those who are campaigning should campaign very peacefully, but they should know that all along they have been collaborators with oppressors in this country,” Oburu said during the celebration anniversary of former Ugenya MP Archbishop Stephen Ondiek.

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    Written by Brian Okello

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