Raila Reveals When He Will Endorse Wanjigi

ODM leader Raila Odinga has revealed when he will endorse businessman turned politician Jimmy Wangiji and any other political ally for the presidential seat.

Speaking in Bungoma over the weekend, Raila said that he is ready to endorse Wanjigi and any other political ally but only after he ascends to power.

The former Prime Minister further noted that he will only retire from the country’s active politics after making sure that the country’s economy is sustainable and favorable for the ordinary mwananchi.

“We are going to bring economic revolution while in power before passing the mantle to someone else,” said Raila.

Raila’s statement comes at the times he has been receiving calls from Wanjingi to retire from politics and let the fresh blood lead the ODM party and the country at large.

“Odinga is my good friend and I want to tell him now that I will beat him at the nominations. It is time for a new crop of leaders,” Wanjigi said at a previous function in Nakuru.

Other than Wanjigi, Raila is also under pressure from his erstwhile co-principals, at the now-defunct coalition Nasa coalition, to endorse one of them for the country’s top seat.

Speaking on his presidency, Raila accused Kenyans that he will make sure certain parts of the Building Bridges Initiative are passed. According to him, he noted that the already fallen BBI had viable recommendations that will benefit the country.

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    Written by George Okello

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