Raila Odinga is Behind Mau Evictions to Stop Ruto from Being President, Rift Valley Leaders now Claim

Politicians from the Rift Valley have come out to strongly rebuke ODM leader Raila Odinga claiming he is behind the Mau evictions to diminish DP William Ruto’s chances of becoming president in 2022. They say, there has been a systematic approach and strategic moves by Raila Odinga, through the handshake, fight against corruption and now Mau evictions to alienate Ruto from country’s politics.

“It is not even about tribes or regions, but about a few individuals who are power hungry … and the issue of referendum, lifestyle audit, corruption propaganda and now the Mau issue are all targeted at one person. The evictions are a targeted campaign against the Deputy President to prevent him from becoming the president in 2022 ,” Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei said.

He said that some of the DP’s allies have been arrested, face prosecution and have been intimidated “because our allegiance is with the Deputy President. It is as simple as that,” he said.

Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ng’eno and his Konoin counterpart, Mr Brighton Yegon, echoed his sentiments.

“The narrative here is very clear that they are after the DP, seeking to make his backyard a politically volatile area for the government so that the people can feel his role is diminished,” said Mr Yegon.

He added that the people in the region could read the political gimmicks in the Mau eviction.

“Sadly, as the senior government officers engage in politics and setting up others to fall, the children are subjected to untold suffering,” Mr Mr Ng’eno said.

When he hosted the DP in his constituency last Friday, Mr Ngeno told him: “It is very clear that they are after you in this case. The eviction is politically motivated, leave this to us to deal with it as leaders.”

Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok and nominated Jubilee MP David Sankok have initiated a process to bring together Maasai and Kalenjin leaders to address the issue.

“We have agreed that we seek leaders from the two communities to dialogue for the sake of unity and find a lasting solution to the conservation issue,” said Dr Barchok.

Meanwhile, Mr Sankok said: “Political bickering, fighting over what should and should not be done, who is wrong or right without coming to a round table to defuse tension and find a lasting solution will not help the people who are suffering on the ground,” said Mr Sankok.

They spoke after holding a closed-door meeting at the governor’s office in Bomet on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Mr Ng’eno and two Narok County assembly members were released from police custody on Wednesday morning.

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