Raila backs Uhuru’s call for Ruto to resign.

ODM leader Raila Odinga has told Deputy president William Ruto to resign if he is dissatisfied with the ruling government.

His remarks comes a few days after President Uhuru Kenyatta took a swipe daring his deputy to quit instead of attacking the government from within.

Raila, who was speaking in one of the Vernacular radio stations in the country, said it would be the honourable things for any politicians to do, extending the call to Jubilee MPs who had ditched the party and join the UDA alliance.

“If you see things are not okay and you are a principal person, just say things are not okay and resign,” said Raila.

“These MPs saying they are in UDA and are still earning salary through Jubilee should also resign, go back to the people and defend the seat with a new party,”

The former Prime Minister compared the UhuRuto alliance as Siamese twins saying the two were elected together and it’s impossible for DP Ruto to dissociate himself from the government.

He also accused the DP of speaking from both sides of the mouth, only claiming to be part of the government projects but running from it’s shortcomings.

“Yale mabaya yote ni ya Raila na Uhuru, but Yale mazuri yuko ndani, huyu ni makamu was rais, ni Kama Siamese twins sababu walifanya ndoa ya miaka mitano.

The ODM leader linked the DP’s plight to that of Kenya’s first Vice president Jaramongi Odinga.

“My father was the first VP, he did not wait to be sacked when he saw things had changed and was not being given assignment, he wrote a letter,”

Raila quoted his father’s letter which said “I cannot justify earning public salary without responsibility. The future generation will look unkindly at me because of this, I hereby tender my resignation letter,”


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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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