‘Prophet’ Orengo Warns Murkomen Of Another Doom

Once again Siaya Senator James Orengo has warned Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and his other colleagues in the Senate of another downfall if they fail to listen to the public’s outcry.

Speaking in Senate on Tuesday, Orengo warned the lawmakers of the serious consequences that will befall them for failing to tame the hiking fuel prices.

He said Kenyans should blame Parliament for failing to intervene over the matter. According to him, matters regarding fuel prices is a constitutional matter and should not be politicized.

“It is a matter in which unless you show the authority of the legislature, we will go down very badly,” the senator said as reported by The Star.

“The public is correct in blaming the National Assembly and the Senate. And it is not a party matter, it is an institutional matter…anybody going outside there and saying that it is either Jubilee, UDA, or ODM is completely misled. This is a matter on which Parliament must take full responsibility,” he added.

The legislature noted it was wrong for Kenyans to seek the help of the court over the matter of the fuel prices yet the Parliament can solve the issue. He pointed out that as per the constitution, no tax can be levied without the authority of the Parliament.

Orengo noted that if the August House fails to solve the rocketing fuel prices, then the House will be viewed as weak and ineffective.

“As matters stand now, this is a matter in which a Parliament like this can be characterized as toothless, without authority, and we are in a circumstance in which we failed even in terms of oversight and we also fail as lawmakers,” the senator said.

“I am beginning to feel that this Parliament is becoming one of the weakest Parliaments in the history of this nation,” he added.

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    Written by George Okello

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