ODM Losing Grip.  Why Raila Odinga Should Start Paying More Attention To His Party


In the just concluded by-elections, it is no doubt that the Orange Democratic Movement didn’t perform well. In an alternate universe where ODM is still strong in opposing the government, the seats would have been easily won regardless of who was contesting. Now that the party leader is in bed with the government, selling the party manifesto is becoming hard. It was easier convincing the people that the alternate party is not best for the county as it is working with the government, but now that is not a card party members that are contesting can use.

The recent loses can be used as a projection of the 2022 elections and if the party continues to focus on the handshake more and not themselves, the likelihood of clinching seats on ODM ticket will be a far cry. The handshake brings with it unity of the Kenyan people as a whole but parties including jubilee have openly shared their disappointment in the union between president Uhuru and Raila Odinga. ODM has also had its fair share of drama after expelling Aisha Jumwa. Political leaders have nothing else to bring to the table apart from hiding under the handshake mantra.

Irshad Sumra who ran on the ODM ticket, was very confident that a win was in place during the by-election but lost to Julius Mawathe of the wiper party. Chris Karan also lost to Movement of Democracy and Growth Party candidate David Ochieng’ with about 4,000 votes difference.

It may be too early to talk about the fall of the ODM party, but with such defeats in ODM hotbeds and the handshake in place, it is impossible to mention its impending downfall. Maybe jubilee is not the only party that needs urgent meetings of cohesion, ODM needs to look into how the handshake will help them clinch seats in 2022.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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