ODM break silence on the viral remarks by Junet Mohammed on neglecting Mt Kenya people once Raila is elected

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party has responded to the claims made Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohammed that the Kikuyu will be treated as ‘visitors’ once Raila Odinga forms the next government.

Talking to his Twitter, ODM secretary General Edwin Sifuna responded to the claims saying that when Odinga form the next government it will belong to all Kenyans, adding that Junet remarks were just but jokes, hence, telling Kenyans to understand the jokes.

“You don’t know jokes? Junet knows very well Raila government will belong to all Kenyans ,” Sifuna tweeted.

Junet remarks in Nyamira County on Friday, may dent Odinga’s Presidential credercrede especially in the vote rich Mt Kenya region where he has made substantial gains in Meru and Embu counties.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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