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Mumias East MP Peter Salasya: How I Survive with a 2k Monthly Salary as an MP

by Samantha
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Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya recently ignited a social media storm after his payslip revealed a net pay of Ksh 2,364.30, despite earning a gross salary of Ksh 1,164,527.00.

The revelation left many Kenyans puzzled, questioning how a legislator could sustain himself on such a meager take-home pay.

In response, Salasya took to Instagram on July 4, 2024, to shed light on his financial situation and elaborate on his survival strategies.

Salasya began by addressing the public curiosity head-on, explaining that his financial sustenance comes from more than just his parliamentary salary.

He revealed that he has diversified his income sources through various side hustles.

“Nikiwa nimenunua 3 abnb hapa Nairobi na huwa each unipa 40k per month each na mimi hukunywa double black ya 8k depending ni which club sio pombe expensive alafu niko na hotel ndogo tu inanipa 5000 profit a day surely siezi survive (If I have three Airbnb in Nairobi, I am paid Ksh 40,000 per month from each, plus I drink alcohol worth Ksh 8,000 and I also have a small hotel which generates Ksh 5,000 profit daily, you think I can’t survive),” he said.

His investment in three Airbnb properties in Nairobi stands out as a significant income stream, generating Ksh 120,000 monthly. This, coupled with the daily profits from his small hotel, amounts to an additional Ksh 150,000 per month.

Salasya’s payslip disclosure on July 3, 2024, was prompted by the Salary and Remuneration Commission’s (SRC) proposal for salary increments for MPs and state officials.

Despite the myriad deductions that whittle down his salary to Ksh 2,364.30, Salasya publicly rejected the proposed increment.

He shared his payslip to highlight the significant impact of taxes and deductions on salaried Kenyans, emphasizing the need for transparency and awareness.

“The reason I posted my payslip is to show Kenyans on behalf of others how payslips look like naye Ruto hapendi payslip mara house levy, mara 5pc above a million mara Shif starting again in July kra 360k etc,” he remarked.

Salasya urged Kenyans to look beyond legislators’ salaries and focus on the broader budget process, stressing that merely concentrating on salaries wouldn’t address the country’s financial issues.


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