Mt. Kenya Urges Community to Leave Cities and Go Home For Census, Here is Why

Leaders from Mt Kenya have launched a campaign to have residents who have migrated to other regions return so they can be counted in their home counties during the August census.

The leaders are determined to boost the number of people in the region’s counties. They  want those living in other counties to return home so that the actual number of people in the counties can be captured.

This is in the hopes that they can use the forthcoming national census to help their region get additional resources since population is a key determinant on how much a county gets in budgetary allocations.

The call comes in the wake of some leaders’ claims that the region had been marginalized in terms of resource allocation and distribution of development projects.

Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri, Laikipia Senator John Kinyua and Laikipia County Assembly Speaker Patrick Waigwa asked residents to take the census seriously because allocation of resources would continue to be determined by population.They claimed many regions were shortchanged during the 2009 census as their residents were counted elsewhere.

“Kenyans should go back to their home counties during census if they want development. Let us not joke with census this time round because it is all about members. If you were born in Laikipia or Kisumu, go back and be counted. During elections, you can vote from anywhere,” said Mr Kiunjuri.

Part of the plan is to cut budgetary allocations of cosmopolitan towns such as Nairobi and Nakuru and other counties where residents of Mt Kenya region have migrated.The leaders hope about two million people will be cut out of the seven million-strong Nairobi population which will translate into reduced budgetary allocation to the city county.

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