Uhuru Bribed Me To Support Referendum That Would Prolong His Leadership- Miguna Miguna

Embattled National Revolution Movement general Miguna Miguna has joined DP William Ruto and the ilk against the proposed referendum.

He claims the referendum is  a ploy by the Kenyatta dynasty to keep Uhuru in power after 2022.

‘A referendum cannot solve a society’s intractable problems. It won’t eliminate tribalism, theft of public resources, extrajudicial killings, human rights abuses, disobedience of court orders, homelessness & joblessness. These will only be solved by visionary leaders of integrity.”

The lawyer set to return back to the country on 16th after being forcefully deported while drugged as he claimed also revealed that he knew of the referendum plans from last year and that he was offered money that he declined.

“I’m the one who advised Raila Odinga of Uhuru Kenyatta’s  intentions of EXTENDING his tyrannical regime VIA A REFERENDUM after Uhuru offered me money to help them in September 2017 and I declined. I told them that electoral and social justice are paramount.”

“The current diversionary clamor for a referendum was conceived by Uhuru’s brother Muhoho and close associates of the DESPOT in order to PROLONG his tyranny on Kenyans, UNDERCUT Ruto and undermine democracy. It has nothing to do with REFORMS” he added.

He termed the building bridges initiative as “fake” adding that “they claimed that the time for politics is over and that they want to heal and reconcile us yet they are busy beating the political war drums calling for a referendum, which is actually an election that will DIVIDE Kenyans into YES and No camps”.

“The despots are violating the current constitution with impunity. The Bill of Rights and Integrity provisions are not respected and enforced. Looting, extrajudicial killings, torture and maiming of innocent Kenyans occur daily. Amending the Constitution won’t mean anything” Miguna tweeted.

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    Written by Aoko

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