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Martha Karua: Why I Won’t Join Finance Bill Protest Tomorrow

by Paul Nyongesa
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Martha Karua, the leader of the Narc Kenya Party, declared that she will not physically join the youth-led protests against the Finance Bill 2024 scheduled for tomorrow.

Responding to a request from a Kenyan citizen on X (formerly Twitter), Karua explained her decision to support the movement from the sidelines rather than participating directly.

Karua emphasized the importance of allowing the younger generation to lead the protest.

She expressed her admiration for their efforts and acknowledged that they are handling the movement better than her generation ever did.


“Supporting from the sidelines and cheering you on. My generation needs to let our children and grandchildren own and lead this because you guys are doing it better than we have ever done it,” Karua stated.

She believes that the absence of political elites will make it more challenging for the movement to be infiltrated, co-opted, or compromised, thus preserving the integrity and authenticity of the protest.

A specific request came from a user with the handle @tomndirangu, who urged Karua to join the demonstrations on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. He called on her to stand in solidarity with the youth’s quest for good governance, a favorable business environment, and a better life for all Kenyans.

response, Karua reiterated her support and indicated that she has been organizing legal assistance for the protestors, a commitment she plans to uphold.

The protests, termed ‘7 Days of Rage’, began on June 21, 2024, with a series of strategic actions aimed at pressuring Members of Parliament to reject the Finance Bill 2024.

The planned activities include storming the offices of lawmakers who voted in favor of the Bill, organizing a nationwide strike, and conducting civil disobedience to shut down the country. Additionally, protestors will demand justice for Rex Masai, a slain protestor, by visiting the Independent Policing Oversight Authority and the Inspector General of Police offices.

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