Kirinyaga residents say they won’t vote for Waiguru even after joining UDA

A section of Kirinyaga residents has vowed not to vote for Governor Anne Waiguru in the next general election even after she changed her political allegiance.

Some residents noted Waiguru changed her political allegiance when it is already late when they have already made up their mind of who they will vote for come 2022.

The residents noted they will only vote for political leaders who have stood with Deputy President William Ruto all through without seizing.

“The move is good but I feel that she should have read the signs a long time ago,” a Kirinyaga resident told a local publication.

“We know all the leaders who have stuck with the DP Ruto when he was facing tough times with the government, and those are the leaders we are going to stand with,” he added.

Reacting to the move by Waiguru to ditch Jubilee for UDA, some residents noted that the governor disappointed them and President Uhuru Kenyatta. They claimed that Waiguru’s move would deny them development projects from the national government.

“We are not happy with the move. She should have remained in the ruling party since the government has invested a lot of funds in her county,” Antony Murithi, a resident of Kirinyaga told K24.

“Ditching Jubilee for UDA has made Kirinyaga an orphan, she would not have made that decision in such a haste,” another resident added.

Though others rebuked her move to join DP Ruto in UDA, other residents noted that the governor made the right decision. They claimed that her move is likely to earn her reelection.

“Jubilee would not have served her interests during next year’s elections. I will make sure I will vote for her next just because of her courage to ditch the ruling party,” a resident said.


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    Written by George Okello

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