Kenya’s Judiciary: The Poor Citizen’s Burden, and the Rich Men’s Beast of Burden


The Kenyan Judiciary is compromised. The Chief Justice David Maraga started ambitiously. He was that Seventh Day Adventist elder who put God first and relied on His guidance for wisdom. He was a virtuous man, respected and admired by many. One of his famous object of public admiration was a short clip that circulated online. In that clip, he courageously asked for a Bible, during some vetting perhaps, and announced or better still swore (in the name of God) that he had never accepted any bribe. It was an interesting show, very entertaining!

In September last year, Maraga led his Supreme Court bench, the quorum he leads, into making a bold decision which annulled that year’s presidential election, the historical shameless facade in the history of this Nation’s electoral heists. This was another excellent performance from the Chief Justice- or should a man say the Chief Priest?

This same judiciary gave another charade (October 26th, 2017 repeat poll) worse than the first one (August 8th, 2017 presidential election) a clean bill of health. This opened the door of the Judiciary’s closet that had always been full of skeletons. Helping electoral thieves attain power meant helping oppressors do more oppression.

Clearly, he succumbed to fear that the regime instilled in him and his colleagues. Fear is the worst bribe a man can ever accept.

The Judiciary is a poor man’s burden and a rich man’s beast of burden. It basically makes the rogue filthy rich people lead convenient lives while burdening the poor.

Recently, there was a weird case. The case involved a Super Cabinet Secretary, a murderous police boss, and an evil immigration’s officer. These senior government officials showed the courts the most historic and obstinate contempt on earth. Ironically, those criminals were awarded penalty fees of only 200K each, and they were allowed plenty of months to pay the sum.

However, when bloggers get arrested for telling the truth about indecent politicians, the courts slap them with at least 500K, with strict conditions to pay the same on the spot failure to which they get jailed. The Judiciary penalizes poor citizens for exercising their rights, and rewards the rich folks for their arrogance and shameless show of power and might to oppress.

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