Kenyan MPs now Demand Money For 5 Star Hotels

Kenyan Parliament in session.COURTESY

Despite being among the highest paid legislatures in the world,Kenyan MPs are demanding another additional accommodation allowance which will enable  them sleep, wine and dine in five-star hotels when in the city working for their constituents.

This added expense will be burdened on the taxpayer despite the current harsh economic realities,which ironically,Kenyan MPs seem not to feel even a pinch of.While on a bench marking visit in New Zealand,where lawmakers are paid up to Sh 400,000 every time they are in town, our legislatures did not hesitate to adopt this model even though they are entitled to a secure mortgage of up to 20 million shillings.

The MPs claim the money they are demanding had already been approved but it was being delayed by the Parliamentary Service Commission,even after being given a green light to avail the cash to MPs.

“The committee also observed that during the financial year 2018/2019, among other programmes, the commission budgeted for facilitation of members of Parliament accommodation when they come to Nairobi to discharge their legislative work. The committee observed that the said budget may not have been expended and was therefore interested in knowing the status of implementation of the specific allocation,” reads a report containing these demands.

Parliament has its sessions three days a week in the city,being on Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday,it means MPs will be staying in Five Star hotels throughout the week because on remaining days of the week,Parliamentary Committees are always on session.

These MPs’ latest demands are contained in a report of the National Assembly Committee on Members’ Services and Facilities tabled in the House last week, and which lists a raft of other pending demands that the lawmakers want implemented.



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