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Kenyan Blogger Edgar Wabwire Arrested for Reposting Gloria Orwoba’s Number on Social Media

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a significant turn of events, Edgar Wabwire, a vocal Kenyan blogger, was arrested after he reposted the phone number of Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Wabwire’s arrest followed his decision to share Senator Orwoba’s phone number on his Twitter page. This action came after the senator publicly supported the controversial finance bill currently being debated in parliament.

The bill, which includes provisions that impose taxes on sanitary pads, has been a contentious issue, drawing both support and criticism from various quarters.

In his post, Wabwire called Orwoba a hypocrite, questioning her advocacy for free sanitary pads while supporting a bill that would tax these essential items.


He encouraged his followers to contact the senator directly to express their concerns.

Following the post, law enforcement authorities swiftly acted, arresting Wabwire at his residence in Lucky Sama at 6:00 am.

He was subsequently taken to Kamkunji Police Station, where he faces charges under the Data Protection Act for sharing Orwoba’s personal information without her consent. This act is a clear violation of privacy laws aimed at protecting individuals’ personal data.

X user Nyandia Gachago, who accompanied Wabwire to the police station, reported that Senator Orwoba was present during the arrest. The senator reportedly threatened to use her resources to ensure Wabwire faced severe punishment for his actions.

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