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Justin Muturi Set to Sue The Standard After Exclusive Interview

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Attorney General Justin Muturi has decided to take legal action against The Standard Newspaper following an article published on July 11, 2024, that he claims misquoted him.

The article alleged that President William Ruto does not heed Muturi’s counsel, attributing a series of critical remarks to the AG.

In an exclusive interview, Muturi expressed his deep concern over the false statements attributed to him, stressing the importance of accurate journalism.

“I am deeply concerned by an article published by The Standard Newspaper that quotes statements falsely attributed to me,” Muturi stated.


He highlighted his dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency, noting that the misquotations are not only misleading to the public but also undermine these principles.

The contested headline suggested that Muturi felt sidelined by President Ruto on several key decisions, including the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to suppress protests, police conduct during demonstrations, and the President’s decision to order a public debt audit.

The article painted a picture of a rift between the AG and the President, claiming that Muturi lamented not being consulted on these significant issues.

Muturi categorically denied these claims during the interview, asserting that he has always maintained a professional and collaborative relationship with the President.

He emphasized that the article’s narrative was damaging and untrue, constructed from fabricated quotes.

Driven by a commitment to set the record straight, Muturi revealed that he is actively pursuing legal channels to compel The Standard to retract the story and issue a correction.

He stated, “As a former lawmaker and former speaker of the National Assembly, I uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency. The misquotations in the article are misleading to the Kenyan public and undermine these principles.”

Muturi further urged media houses to adhere to their responsibility of ensuring truthful and accurate reporting.

He remarked that media plays a crucial role in shaping public perception and must therefore exercise diligence in their reporting practices.


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