How Jubilee Hacked IEBC Servers Through EX CS Davis Chirchir Who Has Since Been Left in the Cold

The IEBC in an internal post-evaluation report has reignited the election servers controversy, saying Jubilee had 10 successful logins after 24 attempts.

This was through ex-Energy CS Davis Chirchir.

NASA had claimed that Chirchir, a former IEBC official and a tech expert, hacked the IEBC servers and helped Jubilee to rig the polls.

But in an eye-brow raising turn of events- he has since been left out in the cold.

He was among 175 individuals whose names President Uhuru Kenyatta tabled in Parliament in March 2015 and told to step aside to facilitate graft investigations.

Those familiar with his engagements with President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto say there was an understanding Mr Chirchir would be given a top position after the elections.

Many people who covered the tallying of the election results at Bomas of Kenya on both August 8 and October 26 will remember Mr Chirchir’s quiet presence at a corner of the tallying center firmly glued to his laptop as the results streamed in.

IEBC also says the National Super Alliance lied to Kenyans that its experts were denied access to servers

In its , IEBC claims NASA accessed the servers 34 times through one John Walubengo before the August 8, 2017 poll results were released.

This was after making 54 attempts, 20 of them unsuccessful.

The IEBC has also dismissed claims that it defied the apex court. The commission says it granted parties access to the information system as ordered.

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