John Waluke; Former Driver Now Living A Military Captain Lie

Sirisia MP John Waluke is known for all the bad reasons in the public eye. He has been convicted for a corruption scandal, accused of inciting youths, and more recently, impersonating military officers.

Just a year after he was convicted for a major corruption scandal, MP Waluke is under the radar of the EACC for allegedly impersonating the military officials despite having left the service.

In a letter to the National Assembly, the anti-graft commission revealed how MP Waluke and his Kimilili counterpart Didmus Barasa have consistently continued to misuse military titles. Waluke is accused of the public that he is a retired Major, a title he still uses while Barasa has been lying that he was a captain at the military.

Waluke reportedly joined the military on April 15, 1980, and was deployed to the 76 Armored Reece Battalion in Gilgil. During his time in the military, Waluke is said to have served as a tank loader before he was promoted to become a driver at the military headquarters in Nairobi.

Waluke served the military for 14 years after which he requested to leave the army, a request that was approved on compassionate grounds. By the time he was leaving the army, Waluke had attained the rank of Senior Private (SPTE) and was not a Major as he refers to himself.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa. Photo: Courtesy

On the other hand, Barasa is has been claiming that he served the Kenya Armed Forced as a Captain attached to the technical wing between 2001 and 2007. EACC has, however, dismissed his claim.

According to the EACC, Barasa only served the military for one year and 76 days before he was expelled from the service over absenteeism and forgery. The EACC noted that by the time the Kimilili MP was leaving the service, he had only attained the rank of Private and not the Captain as he claims.

Following their action, EACC boss, Twalib Mbaruk has warned both the MPs to stop using the titles.

“This is one of the unfortunate cases of senior state officials impersonating as former senior military officers when they know very well that they never attained those titles,” Twalib said in a letter copied to Speaker Justin Muturi and Clerk Michael Sialai as well as Chief of Defence Forces, General Robert Kibochi.

“The commission hereby warns you against giving false information and misleading the public. You are advised to forthwith desist representing yourself using the KDF military rank of Captain (Rtd). Please note that this violation has been entered into the commission’s database.” 

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    Written by George Okello

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