Herman Manyora reveals how Ruto’s bottom-up economic approach was cleverly dismantled by Uhuru

Political analyst Herman Manyora has revealed how president Uhuru Kenyatta cleverly destroyed Deputy President William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model.

According to a video shared on his youtube channel, Manyora gave his views regarding on President Uhuru Kenyatta speech during the 58th Mashujaa day Celebration held at Kirinyaga County.

In his views, the popular political analyst says the President cleverly dismantled, abolished and cleansed up DP Ruto’s bottom-up economic model, adding that the President speech indicated that the government can do it and has done it better.

“Uhuru’s speech actually dismantled, abolished and cleansed and threw out of the window the bottom up thing. How! The bottom up approach is given to is by William Samoei Ruto is talking about resources to the people, enabling the Mama Mboga, boda boda man, the people down there. But what the president did was to give a structured approach to us how resources can reach down there as Ruto was busy sloganeering about the bottom up . The president was showing you how the government can and indeed it has in the past,” revealed Herman Manyora.

DP Ruto has in a number of times defended his bottom-up approach, saying is a noble and about helping others.

He says the initiative is focused on liberating hustler enterprise from Shylock-credit exploitation and unfair regulations and empowering resources.

Those opposed to Ruto’s approach have also insisted that what the country needs is good infrastructure and favourable policies to better lives of Kenyans.

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    Written by Paul nyongesa

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