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Hassan Joho, Oparanya, and Junet Mohamed to be Named as Cabinet Secretaries in Ruto’s Government

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a significant political shift, President William Ruto plans to appoint Hassan Joho, Wycliffe Oparanya, and Junet Mohamed as Cabinet Secretaries.

This move is part of a broader agreement between President Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga to form a government of national unity, addressing the demands raised during the recent anti-taxation protests led by Kenya’s younger generation.

Starting on Monday, July 15, a six-day multi-sectorial forum will be held to foster national dialogue and seek solutions to the country’s pressing issues.

Raila Odinga highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating, “We have agreed that dialogue is the way forward out of the crisis we’re having today in our country. We need to give people an opportunity to be heard and to express their grievances so that a lasting solution can be found.”

The Gen Z protests, which lasted three weeks, called for the dissolution of Parliament and the cabinet, along with the introduction of new leadership.

In response, President Ruto is committed to dissolving the current cabinet and forming a new government of national unity.

Before the new cabinet is named, Ruto and Odinga will convene a national delegate conference with 150 representatives.

This conference will create a roadmap for the new government’s formation, ensuring broad representation from Kenya’s diverse communities.

Raila Odinga has already proposed a list of trusted allies for cabinet positions.

Among those expected to be appointed are Suna East Member of Parliament Junet Mohamed, and former governors Wycliffe Oparanya and Hassan Joho.

Odinga envisions a united Kenya with inclusive governance, where every community has representation.

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