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France and Belgium should stop their meddling in the DRC

The African continent is watching aghast as two former colonial powers famed for the continual exploitation of resources in their former colonies are pushing an agenda to have the results in the DRC’s just concluded presidential elections rejected. It appears that Tshisekedi’s victory does not bode well for the very narrow and selfish commercial interests (exploitation in collaboration with a corrupt government)

What is even more surprising is the usual wait and see attitude of African states as the two nations grossly interfere with the sovereignty of a nation.

The DRC despite being arguably the most resource rich nation has not been unfortunately able to develop and aid its people simply because of meddling by western nations who are simply out to profit from its resources while its people wallow in dire and abject poverty.

This will be a test for the African union which must move with speed to assert its authority and protect one of it’s member states from meddling by France and Belgium countries that raped and pillaged the resources of its colonies and continue to do so by co-opting corrupt governments in those states.

The whole African continent is hopeful that their brothers and sisters will finally be able to live in peace and prosper but this will only happen if foreign interference is curtailed and it must for the sake of the people.

The calls now for a unity government by some quarters also just goes to demonstrate that the interference of these two nations is gaining traction and must be brought to a stop. Granted the election may have had anomalies, but its doubtful that these anomalies may have significantly altered the course of the election. Let Tsishekedi form his government and hopefully the people of the DRC may get much needed respite and an opportunity to finally gain from their birthright when their resources are put to proper use instead of being looted by western powers.

The African continent is watching

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