” You’ll be arrested for buying more than five chapatis” Government says.

Uganda authorities have surprised many after announcing that they will arrest anyone buying more than five chapatis in northern Uganda.

The government claims that such chapatis are being taken to cattle rustlers hiding in Mororo district bushes, and who have abandoned their homes to flee from the security personnel.

“We are now arresting any person who buys more than five chapatis and we interrogate him on why he or she is buying all those chapatis and where they are taking them because we have received information that those buying many chapatis take them to the warriors in the bushes,” Michael Longole, Karamoja Region police spokesman, is quoted by the observer newspaper.

Longole further said that the cattle rustlers have connections and only require to make phone calls for them to be supplied with food.

He says the cutting off the food supply will force the warriors to return to the community and surrender the illegal arms.

However, the anti-chapati offensive has attracted divergent views with majority challenging the police force to work closely with them to eradicate crimes.

Cattle rustling is being witnessed once again in the region after 10 years of calm. The rustlers are said to take advantage of the war in South Sudan and the anarchy in north-west Kenya to stock up weapons that are currently being used to terrorize herders.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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