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“You are part of all evils that took place in this country 2013- 2017: Angry Kenyans attack Moses Kuria over shortchange claims

The controversial Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria set the internet on fire following his attacks on the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Oding birthing the BBI.

In a shared post on social media the Tanga Tanga allied legislator detailed how the Country was in a process of natural healing way back in 2017 before conning through the handshake.

To make his point clear Kuria shared a screenshot of a post he made on Sunday August 13, 2017.

The post captured two young men donned in campaign t-shirts from the rival Jubilee and ODM camps who are seen shaking hands in what appears as a sign of reconciliation with the below caption.

“Long before the handshake and BBI, Kenyans were on the path of natural healing. Till they were conned,” Kuria wrote.

His caption however elicited contrary reactions from the netizens as in the below comments while questioning on who really conned Kenyans.

Nancy Muthoni: Who con Kenyans if not all mpigs????why do mpigs get all amount , salaries knowing they only seat down they are not like real hustlers who wake up very early in da morning to hustle for the daily bread!handshake didn’t con anybody….. mobilize ur colleague’s to lower the salaries….tutanjua u value wanjiku.

Njenga Kimotho: You trying so hard to discredit everything uhuru did….

1. Do you rem u named a certain day ‘machozi tuesday’?

2. Do you rem advising the government to invest in more teargas?

3. Do you rem the day you were passing security laws in parliament how you mocked others?

4. Do you rem calling a certain group militia just because they were not singing your tune? Amazing you want the same group to sing you hustler nonsense.

The list is endless. Is the above the country you’d have wished? You just wanted the status quo to continue for selfish interests. UK opened his eyes n knew that was not the way to go for a country. It’s your turn, please baby cry

Wangai Peter: Your are wrong Sir, the real healing is how you were walking in different lodgings in Kisumu during Madaraka weekend without anyone bothering you.

Samuel Wahindi: Kuria u r very funny…you behave as if Ruto and UDA are God sent and as if they hv never held any elective post in Kenya…the bottom top approach you are talking about should be already in place in the very posts you hold today…May God help my fellow Kenyans to remember this…any politician works hard for his own interest…Ruto has been a Dp…Kenyas debt did not come to nine trillion after handshake…you guys just maintained “table manners then”…never talked when eating…

Prince Clifford Singah: You are one of the people that have vowed to ensure that Kenya will never move forward. The words you bring out of your mind are venom meant to poison some group against another. You guys are not leaders but people benefit out of tribal differences, hatred, and violence.

Gideon Ngugi: 100 years later after this picture was taken, a certain man managed to con kenyans and made sure that 2 dams would fit into his pocket… miraculously, they actually fitted.. something that had not been seen before

Godfrey Angulienya: All evils that took place in this country 2013- 2017 you are part of it. You can’t run a way from it. We may forgive you as Kenyans but we shall never forget.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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