Wundanyi residents up in arms, accuse governor Samboja of “revisiting” after 2017 poll results.

Granton Samboja

Just soon after Taita Taveta County governor Granton Samboja clinched the Gubernatorial seat in a shock victory, surprising the front runners Mwadeghu and the incumbent, Mruttu, he set upon a plan to give the Wundanyi market a facelift.

His first term ends in a year’s time, and for the last couple of years, residents of Wundanyi have had to do without a stable market. Now, fears are being expressed that this might have to do with the voting pattern of the last election of 2017.

These concerns were best captured by nominated Member of Taita Taveta County Assembly Hon. Bertinah Mwaiseghe who wondered why, while other markets in the county were being constructed fast and completed, poor traders in Wundanyi market have been neglected and sidelined despite paying their licenses which contributing to the county revenue, and termed the feature curious.

Just recently, a standoff erupted between Taita Taveta County government and traders over the stalled Sh122 million modern market in Wundanyi town.
More than 300 traders invaded the incomplete town market, allocated themselves stalls, and started conducting business there.

Gracious Mrunde, one of the protesters, said that the whole issue had to do with a grudge which the governor holds against Wundanyi residents for not voting for him in 2017. She asserts that it’s the reason the project keeps being postponed despite the fact that it was planned to be completed January this year.

The three-storey project stalled after the executive failed to pay the contractor. A new contractor was awarded the tender, but the project stalled again.
Interestingly, Governor Samboja is from Warugha which is within Wundanyi. However, this is said to have even aggravated the situation since he allegedly felt betrayed that the residents refused to vote for him and instead supported his kinsman Mwadeghu who also hails from the same area.[0]=AT3kJ-tI3K-8SyuJ9Oo8l8SOYG2bY5ls5aTPGN8nTJEHU1MQpfy0tgLjlWIrhSlmwFW8cFHr5gtvdJ_5w3ZW_z0KUNU5CEfMF8g3oxJNKrowuQMRRL7Iz6TodimHGqRqxm57Ojj36yFJba3eQYdtfF8t4W7iNYGiDGmYKQVt9u6uNU8

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