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When Worse Comes To Worst Swaleh Mdoe Sells His Kidney

By Nita Karume—

Local television news anchor Swaleh Mdoe is putting one of his kidneys up for sale. This, according to him, is with a view to helping solve some of his financial problems.

The celebrated news anchor was speaking to a local paper when he made known his bizarre decision. He also added that he had gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor who had also cleared him. According to Mdoe, he has some pressing financial issues that have forced him to what seems like the last resort.

In the announcement, the kidney is allegedly going for 2.5 million Kenyan Shillings. He also added his personal number for the interested parties to contact him.
However, Kenyans on Twitter were never going to let this pass. Tweets both hilarious as well as critical of the decision are flooding the social media platforms. Some have raised the question of Kenyan habit of spending beyond their means in order to fit in while casting a blind eye at what is important in life. Others are questioning the genuineness of the whole shenanigan, with reference to his top-paying job as a news anchor.

On the other hand, however, rumors of his extravagant lifestyle and behavior around women have also surfaced, with a few people claiming that he is a spendthrift who deserves what he gets. The news anchor famous for his ‘hadithi za babu’ while on air referred to the move as his last resort, especially since he does not like bothering people with his personal problems.

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    Written by The Kenyan Report




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