Wife and children of the missing GSU officer display impressive but sad, heartbreaking action.

Spouses of victims have been known to do some of the most heroic things, although sometimes out of desperation. The iconic image of JF Kennedy’s assassination in his presidential car is highlighted by his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, lounging herself on top of JFK’s shot body, ready to take any more bullets aimed at her dying husband.

When the police found the abandoned car of missing GSU officer Joseph Otieno in a quarry in Mwiki, his young family did something that was enough to send tears down the ducts of the toughest police officers who were standing just meters away.

36 year old Joseph Otieno who is an officer with the General Service Unit of the police has been missing since July 9th where his phone signal can be last traced to the area around Naivas Ruaraka along Outer Ring Road at 11:13 AM.

Corporal Otieno was reported missing by his wife Caroline Odhiambo on July 11 at the Kasarani Police Station, according to a police report.

“Efforts to trace him have been in vain as his phone has been switched off and his whereabouts unknown,” the police report reads in part.


Detectives discovered a car he had rented a few days before, abandoned near a quarry in Mwiki. During this discovery, Otieno’s distraught family -his wife and children- in a heartbreaking and tearful display of concern, joined the police in their search, going ahead to look for the missing officer in the nearby thickets and ditches, perhaps fearful that he may have been harmed and dumped nearby.

The police who ordinarily never allow civilians to mix up with their detectives, and usually call this crime “Interference with police investigations” appeared too touched to chase away the young family, and allowed them to take part in the activities.

Having not found anything concrete, the search party concluded, packed up and left, leaving onlookers uncertain whether this left the family relieved of even more worried.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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