Why was he not in jail already? A chronology of Jennifer Wambua’s murder suspect’s disturbing past crimes

Kenyans are incredulous and in a state of disbelief, wondering how on Earth Peter Mwangi Njenga was still a free man, roaming the streets of Ngong’, considering his lengthy and traumatising criminal record that has now surfaced since his arrest.


Mwangi alias Ole Sankale, has been arrested as the prime suspect in the death of Jennifer Wambua who was a top official in the National Lands Commission. She went missing from Ardhi House on March 12, only to be found dead, and her body dumped in Ngong Forest on March 15.


Mwangi’s rap sheet runs way back to the nineties. In 1996, Mwangi announced his arrival in the world of imprisonment when he was charged with stealing. After that he appears to have thrown caution to the wind and decided to go on a roll.

He was soon arrested again for robbery with violence. Somehow, he managed to get out again, but he was determined to make an indelible mark in the world of crime. He was quickly arrested again twice, in quick succession, and still, for robbery with violence, but this time, throwing in rape for good measure in his despicable list of heinous crimes.

For some strange reason, or perhaps, a devious conspiracy within the system, Sankale kept getting released. However, his goose appeared to be finally cooked, when, in January 15, 2003, he was convicted and sentenced to death at Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court.


Nevertheless, as it turned out, Mwangi and his co-accused appealed against the ruling and on 17th November 2005, Judges Lessit and Makhandia overturned the ruling by the Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court, releasing Mwangi.

They said that Mwangi’s arrest rested on his identification by a witness, but the witness’s positive identification wasn’t corroborated by anyone or anything else.

And in what appears a clear indication that Mwangi’s case may yet again be escorted by a weak and ignorant prosecution which might see the suspect walk free, the DCI officer, while briefing the press, displayed lack of knowledge on basic facts concerning their main suspect.

How he won his freedom remains a mystery, which the [DCI] detectives are currently engaged in demystifying

He said this concerning Mwangi’s release from prison after his last arrest, yet his appeal and subsequent release by Judges Lessit and Makhandia, is a matter available in public court records[0]=AT1tPPEZ9xlM6f-OKlBaj0D4XjGNQR4QXVN0nEPuoNklrfjx00HwcSSXdCfjiCgErsWSxEevE3fJ68BwC2sZtwn3RPgnCfVXu3IaCWQ694k_fwUdWMcZOTic4ivqlJFD2NVsOyG2iJuHkd7vl_kXcmJz-hCyKgDCChHgZxfTlucw1I4

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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