Why the Chinese are not like Indians and Kenyans must be terrified

It is no wonder the Chinese in Kenya arrogantly call Kenyans monkeys, including the president himself. [Image: KR Archives]

The Chinese are not coming to Kenya for the same reasons Indians did and that is why Kenyans must be worried about them.

Indians came to Kenya solely as business people. They have opened businesses and employed many Kenyans.

However, I do not mean that Indians are entirely good people. They can be very corrupt. For instance, Kamlesh Pattni, Manu Chandaria, and the Shah brothers are some of the most prolific Indian businessmen yet very corrupt.

Nevertheless, you cannot compare the Indians with the Chinese that are invading our country today. With their known meanness, Indians are holier than the Chinese you see coming today.

The Chinese are coming to Kenya because they believe that Kenya now belongs to them. They firmly believe that because they gave Uhuru Kenyatta some loans, Kenya now belongs to them.

China has the tendency of owning all projects for whose development it offers a country loan. Only the Chinese work in such sites.

During development of the projects, the land upon which they are built becomes automatically Chinese land. Accordingly, the laws of the host nation do not apply to that area for a period of 100 years.

It is no wonder the Chinese in Kenya arrogantly call Kenyans monkeys, including the president himself.

The high influx of Chinese you see coming to Kenya now are coming with a vile political agenda. They are coming to inherit a “promised land” which President Xi secured for them via loans to Kenya.

It is arguable that we should allow them to do business in Kenya as we have allowed Indians. However, the two are simply not diplomatically comparable.

We have a healthy commercial agreements with India than with China. India eyes our markets while China eyes our land and sovereignty.

We must not allow the Chinese to take our jobs. We must not allow them to do businesses in our spaces. Let them come but only to bring skills we do not have.

China gives you the loan, owns the projects which the loan is building, and takes over your economy.

We must not allow the Chinese to do business in Gikomba, Nyamakima, or on the streets.

Also, Sonko must stop his dubious and underhand city cleaning project he is supposedly doing with the Chinese. There are many unemployed youths and the Chinese do not bring us any better brooms!

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    Written by Brian

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