Why Raila As a Lemon Is A Better Bargain For Mt Kenya.

For eon the economic, nutritious and medicinal value of lemon has been downplayed and never regarded as a serious visitor to the main table.

However, lemon presence has remained in all the cadre of tables but it’s influence has been down played.

Oranges have been the darling for its sweetness and striking beauty and has often received mention in most cases.

However, with the recent covid 19 and new normal in the world, lemon is today the darling of every table.

It is the much sought after fruit and the value has skyrocketed.

The medicinal value of lemon has now gained global fame while orange is today relegated to the periphery.

Looking at it from a political dimension, Raila Odinga is lemon to Mt Kenya

They have never accepted and recognised his value and the contributions he has made to the region.

As a lemon Raila sacrificed his finances for kibaki treatment after the accident saving his life.

Raila campaigned and delivered kibaki presidency and after over 24 years the Mt Kenya community got into power once again.

In 2007 Raila sacrificed his victory and agreed for nusu government and this was lemon to Mt Kenya.

During the struggle Raila joined hands with Kenneth Marina, Charles Rubia among others and were detained together for the struggle that finally culminated into multi party democracy.

Raila in 2017 entered into politics of handshake with president Uhuru Kenyatta which stabilised the nation and the economy.

As a lemon Raila accepted the marriage of his son to the daughter of the mountain despite minimal support from the region.

Just as the pandemic has changed the value of lemon, it is time the Mt. Kenya took president Uhuru presentation of Raila as the next leader of the country and supported his move.

The lemon is what Mt Kenya need most in the coming political dispensation.

Raila as a lemon the Mt Kenya community is bound to gain most and far better than the lake.

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