Why Kenyans Aren’t Happy With Vera

Vera Sidika is regarded as one of Kenya’s most controversial women due to her extraordinary, lavish lifestyle and unique opinions about life in general. She loves her body so much that she went for surgeries worth millions just to perfect it.


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A few months ago, she announced her pregnancy and as it is, she was said to be having a surrogate because according to some people, she couldn’t allow pregnancy to spoil her hard-earned beautiful figure. Her beautiful bundle of joy arrived on the 20th of this month and still, some people have their eyebrows raised, because Vera says she had a painless Cs and to date, she hasn’t felt a single pain. So is it possible?

According to her, the people who are criticizing her are just wayward (Washamba), ignorant, and haters. She asked them to at least invest in a good doctor who understands their bodies and only then, they will believe her. She called them out for going for cheap services and wanting their experience to be the same as hers. She also explained that she is on strong painkillers.


Bruh how can plastic feel pain @queenveebosset umezaa juzi na ukona mucene sana sit down kwanza ukue kulea ni nini ..ur such a disgrace to women ati vaginally birth is the absolute ghetto its good your child was cs hatuwezi penda Apitie kwenye wengi wamepita ..

Getto na mamake alimzaa aje anatuekea standards za bure😂😂

😂😂😂😂I wish size ya matako yake na akili zingekua swapped

Ed plss stop giving Vera this attention

Bado hajamaliza safari achunge Sana mdomo yke.. money ain’t everything f^ her Plastic


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    Written by Paulette Mboga

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