Why Jennifer Wambua’s testimony was so crucial; a simplified breakdown of Ayub Sabula’s case

So far, the only thing that investigators have been able to ascertain is that Jennifer Wambua died of strangulation. Other than that, nothing is yet to be confirmed. Her killers are not known, neither is where they committed the heinous crime, or even, why they did it.

However, what has been most prominent in the wake of her death is the fact that she was not only a witness, but a star witness, in the case involving Lugari MP Ayub Sabula, former ICT Principal Secretary Sammy Itemere and former Director of Government Advertising Agency (GAA) Dennis Chebitwey.

They’re among 23 individuals and five companies whom the State believes siphoned Sh122 million through briefcase entities instead of paying media companies for services rendered.

For one to properly understand Jennifer Wambua’s role, one has to understand what GAA is exactly.

The GAA was created in 2015 to handle all government advertisements in electronic and print media. The agency publishes My Gov, a weekly insert distributed in the dailies.

In the case against Sabula and his co-accused, it is alleged that through a string of forgeries, and conspiracies, the Lugari MP was able to get payment for his company and other briefcase companies, and this is where the testimony by Jennifer gets in.

During her evidence, Wambua produced several cheques, payment vouchers, and invoices allegedly paid from GAA to the companies owned by some of those accused for advertising services, which she said were not approved.

She also presented media booking contracts for the advertising from NLC to GAA, some which she said she authored to book advertising space on behalf of the commission through Sunday Express Limited.

She claimed, in her testimony, that there was no contract between NLC and some of the companies that were awarded the tenders to advertise, and that some of the advertising contents were not authorised by NLC.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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