Who’s laughing now? Sossion proved right after KUPPET debacle as teachers regret leaving KNUT

The head of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Wilson Sossion, is now turning out to be the proverbial barefoot prophet whose words fell on deaf ears, but whose prophecy is now being remembered.

Back in the day, at the height of its power and popularity, KNUT had 187,000 members, but now, a pale shadow of its former self, it has less than 27,000 members.

One of the tactics that the government used to try and cut KNUT down to size was to offer better working arrangements and negotiate good working schemes.

At this, Sossion warned that all this was just a ploy to weaken teachers by dividing them, and implored them to stay on and bargain with the government as one entity.

In addition to this, the TSC began to evaluate Teachers progression basing not on the teacher’s education level, but seniority, with those not attached to KNUT, or any trade workers union getting preferred treatment.

This saw a mass exodus from KNUT, with some claiming that the body wasn’t doing enough to tackle their problems, or take care of their issues.
The last nail in the coffin which ensured that even the few remaining members of KNUT left was when the government stopped issuing certain monthly payments to the body, something that made the giant union unable to function effectively.
However, of late, KUPPET, which was supposed to be the better option, is now turning out to be a major flop.

Late last year, their efforts to organise polls ended in failure after the members couldn’t agree on the proper form of selection, leading to chaotic scenes.

However, it was developments from Migori recently that led to its members beginning to doubt its entire suitability. Once again, members were unable to conduct simple polls, this time resulting in unrest where fists and even kicks were witnessed.

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    Who’s laughing now? Sossion proved right after KUPPET debacle as teachers regret leaving KNUT

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