Who is next?Lililan Muli pens a touching message to herself

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has penned a letter to herself warning against falling for people who wouldn’t love her when she is not lovable.

“Never settle for an ordinary lover,never settle for less than you deserve,your are so worthy of being loved so passionately and madly,”she wrote.

“You deserve to be loved as a whole with all your imperfections and deserve someone who puts you first as if you the only things that matters,

“You deserve someone who will always choose to stay when you are on your lowest and you deserve someone who will always choose to love you when you are so lovable,” she concluded  in the letter signed out with ‘love, Lilian Muli.

Lilian muli has in a number of times confesed to have struggled with loneliness and depression since the divorce of her first husband Moses Kanene on January 7,2016.

in early 2018,the citizen TV anchor exposed the father of her second child Who is also th Shabana Football club owner Jared Nevaton,describing him as  narcissist and communty husband who was not  faithful.

She has constantly been using her own failed relationship to give relationship advice to other women,which has left many wondering if she is still dating.

Muli,who has been in two well-known relationship has always advised women to stay away from narcissist who have zero conscience as they dont care on the pain and hurt women feel.

“They never change.After going trough the same at least twice in my life,i realised i was attracting the same character in my relationship because i was attracted by a certain type,”she said.

“Take care of your heart and your mind.Dont take things to hear.Focus on never being anyone’s victim again.”

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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