Who is Murumbi? Who was Kalonzo talking about, Kenyans wonder!

As the finer details of Kalonzo’s stinging attack on the DP begin to settle in 24 hours later, some inaccuracies that he mentioned are starting to raise questions. Yesterday, the former VP mentioned a certain Joseph Murumbi whose land the DP apparently grabbed as the first Vice-president of Kenya. It is widely known that the first Vice-president of Kenya was father to the former Prime Minister, and current special representative for AU Infrastructure Development, Raila Odinga.
Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga famously served as Jomo Kenyatta’s first assistant, and the country’s first Vice-president, although for a short period; from December 1964 to mid-1966, after having a bitter fallout with the president.
For the better part of the day, Kenyans have been ablaze all over social media questioning the identity of the said Joseph Murumbi, with some questioning if he even exists in the first place, let alone having lost land to the DP William Ruto.
Of course, it is likely that some of those who have been expressing these sentiments might simply just be feigning ignorance. While indeed, the former Vice-president might have perhaps gotten his chronology wrong, there did exist a Joseph Murumbi who served as vice-president once, albeit briefly.
After Jaramogi’s famous fallout with his boss, he resigned from the post, after which Kenyatta picked Joseph Murumbi. His choice as VP was a strange one, and not just because he was of mixed-race while the mood in the country was one of Aficanisation, but also because of the fact that he was a novice; an outsider unknown within the political circles.
As it turned out, his stay ended up being what has since been perceived as a brief transitional phase. He excited the scene after only 4 months, giving way to a more substantive reign by Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi who would go one to define Kenyan politics profoundly for the following next 36 years.

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