Who do you think connected the electricity you brag about in tanga tanga rallies? Uhuru’s outburst still reverberates.

“Who do you think connected the electricity you are always talking about, and the roads you keep singing about, yet you are always on top of a vehicle?” While this stinging remark, spoken in his vernacular Kikuyu, was obviously pronounced in a fit of rage and anger, it was also a clear indication of the narrative that the president intends to adopt in his planned forthcoming pushback against his deputy.

For a while now, a widely held narrative has been that, while the president, a happy-go-lucky jolly good fella was always out having fun, it was his deputy, a teetotaler and dedicated worker, who had been the engine of the Jubilee government.
Gatundu South MP, and once Jubilee party stalwart, now turned government critic, even once spectacularly claimed during a rally that were it not for DP William Ruto, the government would be nowhere since he was the one taking care of everything while he, Kuria, and the president, were always sleeping until midday, nursing hangovers after nights of heavy partying.

Of course, it also hasn’t been lost on people that the DP himself has been all too willing to feed this belief. Many a times, whenever the DP has stood up to outline the successes of the Jubilee government, he has done so in a manner implying that he’s also a co-owner in these achievements, despite the fact that, officially, any success, or even failure, of a government, is wholly attributable to only the president.

However, now with this latest version that is coming from the president himself, things are likely to be put on a spin, as the president seems keen to reclaim his rightful ownership in the achievements of his government.
Besides, with his startling revelation that the government is loosing not less than 2 billion each 24 hours, the achievements of the government are now likely to have been turned into a poisoned chalice, something that will put the DP at a disadvantage in case he seeks to claim ownership of the workings of the Jubilee government.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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