When the bay sneezes, Kenya catches a homa; How Homa Bay politics is impacting the nation

Even before Kidero officially announces interest in the Homa Bay Gubernatorial race, in a single week, two of the country’s biggest stories have had a huge connection to Homa Bay.


First was the alleged impending move by one of ODM’s most prominent members, Otieno Kajwang’.

Moses Otieno Kajwang’ rode on the wave of his late brother, Gerald Otieno Kajwang’s popularity to win a Senate seat in early 2015 as a fresh-faced young man. However, since then, he has curved a niche for himself in the party to rise to the higher echelons of ODM, seat on, and even chair the Senate Devolution and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

Before this, he was head of the powerful Public Accounts and Investments Committee. So it came as a huge shock when reports surfaced that the Homa Bay senator was looking to jump ship from ODM to KANU in order to vie for the Gubernatorial seat in his quest to replace Cyprian Awiti. It is said that the reason for this was because he is facing frustration in ODM, and it is seeming more and more likely that the Homa Bay women’s representative Gladys Wanga is the one that will get the ticket.


Hot on the heels of this came the incident in parliament the other day when the Homa Bay women representative Gladys Wanga came within inches of a physical altercation with the Rangwe member of parliament Lilian Gogo who even made to charge at her.

At the Crux of the matter are accusations from Lilian Gogo that while she has been working hard launching projects, Wanga has been taking credit for them, telling Gogo’s constituents that she had lobbied for them from the national government.

This has not gone down well with Gogo, who has claimed that the move by the county MP is meant to portray her as a failure who does not lobby for development projects from Nairobi.

Gogo said this was a well-calculated political scheme by Wanga to undermine her development record and incite voters against her re-election bid in 2022.


As these wrangles within the county go on, it curious to know who will emerge as the county boss following next year’s polls.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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