What have you done in this life other than surviving on extortionism? Atwoli in bitter exchange with Robert Alai and Lawyer Ahmednasir

Central Organization Of Trade Union Secretary-general Francis Atwoli, City based lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and blogger Robert Alai set internet ablaze following their bitter exchanges over Atwoli’s recent milestone.

This is after the Nairobi County Government yesterday Thursday May 27, 2021 through the governor Anne Kananu unveiled Francis Atwoli road in Kileleshwa, near Kenya High School.

Taking to social media, the COTU secretary-general expressed his gratitude for the milestone achievement crediting it to his long and outstanding service to the Kenyan workers and the government of the day.

“I want to thank the leadership of Nairobi County, under @annkananu_ , for this great honor and recognition of services to the Government of the day, the community and Worker’s at large,” Atwoli said.

His celebrations and the honor bestowed on him elicited mixed reactions with Senior Counsel Ahmednasir and blogger Robert Alai not taking it kindly.

According to the blogger naming of the road after the COTU SG is an insult to Kenyans, “A Francis Atwoli Road is an insult to Kenyan worker. Huge insult,” Alai tweeted.

In a quick rejoinder to the blogger Atwoli noted that, “I know you better than you actually know yourself, and I won’t give in to what you want. In fact, I will see you go down but never will you see me go down. And by the way, what have you done in this life other than gaining followers on twitter and surviving on extortionism?”

Alai then fired back at the COTU boss adding that: “…Man, you are almost 80 years old now. Act your age. Your kids and grandkids need better inspiration than these senile rants. You are already down if you don’t even realize this. Tisha others not me.”

In another related incident City lawyer Ahmednasir also took on Atwoli stating that naming the road after him was a total disgrace to Kenyans and the poor workers.

“Total disgrace to name a street in Nairobi after @AtwoliDza. What are we telling poor workers he abandoned for the sake of my beloved jubilee? He is a billionaire in a country where labour is enslaved by capital owners. He dines/wines with the rich/powerful and is disdainful of poor,” Ahmednasir tweeted.

Responding to the SC, Atwoli said: “My record speaks for itself. Unlike you, I am a very honest man, I work hard, I never engage in corrupt dealings, I speak my mind and I am not a billionaire (like you). My influence is out of the growth of the labor movement in Kenya. Kenyans with jobs are protected.”

In a reaction to his reply the grand Mullah noted that the next government should eject the COTU chair from power and consequently prosecute him for uncounted for wealth.

“The removal from office and prosecution for unexplained wealth and assets of Mr. Francis Atwoli must be a top priority for any government that comes to power in august 2022. This is not negotiable!” Ahmednasir tweeted.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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