What happened to Embarambamba?

It has been almost three months since we last heard of the sensational Kisii gospel singer, Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma, aka Embarambamba.

His last appearance at a club along Thika road caused a lot of backlash against the singer after he was seen in viral raunchy video while dancing on top of a lady.

In his own defense, a rather defiant Embarambamba said.

“Wakenya wamenihukumu, wakenya wamenitusi, mafans wangu wamekasirika wengine wakisema eti mimi sijaokoka. Lakini wakenya wenzangu, hii video, kabla hujacommend, angalia statement yake kwanza (Kenyans have criticised me, they have insulted me, and my fans are mad at me, some saying that I am not a Christian. But my fellow Kenyans, before you commend, look at the statement of the song),” Embarambamba said.

“Jesus came into this world for the sake of sinners…when Jesus was in this world, He sat with the sinners. The reason was that the sinners would be born again and know God,” he said.

As if to imply that his act was an illustration of the song, he was performing condemning immorality that people have been doing and forgetting their God. He concluded that; “You cannot say that Embarambamba should not attend political events or clubs because they are earthly things. God brought us into this world.”

Embarambas behavior attracted the reaction of CAS in the Ministry of trade David Osiany, who said that what the artist did was gross misconduct and inexcusable.

In a tweet posted on his twitter handle, he said, Embarambamba this is GROSSLY INCORRECT. You listened to cheering voices of deceit and ran yourself into destruction. What you have done today is INEXCUSABLE”.

What happened to Embaramba since that incident? It appears Kenyans are missing his sensational and energetic performances that they had been accustomed to every week. Most people would troop to his social media handles to see what is new. Whatever the case might be, its our hope that Embaramba is fine and ok and that he is in the studio creating new content that will carry us over to the end of the year.

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    Written by The Kenyan Report

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