What does Prof. Makau have on Ahmednasir? Grand Mullah flinches again in front of Makau

About a month ago, the ferocious and tenacious Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi sent the entire nation into gasp-mode after he appeared to send a reconciliatory message to Professor Makau Mutua. Just when observers were beginning to conclude that perhaps the incident was just a one-off, and that the Grand Mullah probably never meant it, a similar thing has just happened again.

In a stinging rebuke that goes ahead to mock and taunt professor Peter Kagwanja, Ahmednasir begins with a polite and pacifying disclaimer aimed at Professor Makau to ensure that the professor doesn’t misunderstand him.

A link to Ahmednasir’s initial apology to Professor Makau Mutua;

Following Senior Counsel Ahmednasir’s repeated meek gestures towards the USA based lawyer, observers now wonder what exactly may be going on. The Grand Mullah isn’t known as one to walk away from a fight, and isn’t a timid fellow either, which can only mean that professor Makau Mutua must have a kind of hold on him.

In his latest surprising post, he put side by side, articles written by professors Makau and Kagwanja. Makau’s article is about the apathy that’s frequently displayed by the ordinary mwananchi during important national discourse, while the one by Kagwanja speaks about William Ruto’s Hustler narrative and seeks to expose the real driving power behind the narrative which has captured the imagination of many Kenyans.


However, Ahmednasir Abdullahi precedes his harsh tweet with a reconciliatory disclaimer to professor Makau to appease him before going ahead to disparage and tear apart Kagwanja’s work. Surprisingly, he does this despite the fact that it’s Makau’s article that he’s praising as he trashes Kagwanja’s.

The tweet read;

Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC Retweeted
Ahmednasir Abdullahi SC

Aug 8
I know Prof
will be mightily offended by this comparison but Please compare the articles by 2 Professors. One is flawless expression of ideas & masterly use of diction. The other by
is a jumble of 15 themes, qoutes lifted out of context & pure nonsense

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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