What did June Ruto get herself into? Chief negotiator gallivanting at Mama Oliech’s days after ceremony.

In what now risks ending up as a very embarrassing situation for the Deputy President, contrary to African traditions where a suitor and his entourage shouldn’t become such a commonplace sight, the Chief negotiator of the bride price talks in June Ruto’s engagement party, Osita Chidoka, doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave, and is all over social media, boasting about his escapades in Nairobi.


Osita Chidoka, a failed politician, tried his hand at the gubernatorial seat of his home-state Anambra, losing heavily, and not even managing a spot in the top three. He cobbled up a paltry seven thousand votes out of the almost half-a-million votes cast.


Osita Chidoka was as late as yesterday night, posting on his online profiles about eating Ugali, chapati and Nyama Choma (which he thinks means goat meat) in Kilimani.


It would also appear, from his post, that the gentleman belongs to a radical group of Igbo people who look forward to a day that Nigeria will split, and give rise to an independent Igbo nation free of the larger Nigeria.

Nigeria is mainly made up of three regions; Northern Nigeria which is largely Islamic and has mostly ruled the country due to their disproportionate numbers in the military.

There is South Western Nigeria, which is composed of the Yoruba. This is a highly cultural ethnic group that has produced the most well known intellectuals and wealthy businessmen in the country. They are mostly the brains that run the Muslim-held government.

The Igbo, from the South East, where June is getting married, is an aggrieved ethnic group that once tried to secede from Nigeria and create their own country called Biafra. Although the effort ended in failure, some have never given up on the dream, and Osita even alludes to it in his post.

We met for late lunch at Mama Oliech Restaurant, Marcus Garvey Rd, Kilimani, Nairobi, a local Kenyan restaurant. I ate Ugali and Nyama Choma (goat meat) with Chapati…While waiting for the day of armaggedon whether constitutional amendment or breakup of Nigeria we need to engage with our reality and make it a livable space for all of us. Lets come together and unlock the gridlock of bad leadership, corruption and enthronement of mediocrity…”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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