Wetangula fulfills his threat, and now goes after Wangamati in renewed onslaught

Ever since Bungoma senator and former Senate Minority leader Moses Wetangula dramatically promised ODM a loud, messy and noisy showdown in case they decided to oust him, but ended up being a no-show, he has been considered a dog of all bark and no bite.

For this reason, a lot was riding on his reaction to Bungoma governor, Wycliffe Wangamati.
When the Wangamati-led failed coup to oust Wetangula as Ford Kenya party leader last year was in full motion, an under siege Wetangula who was, at the time, fighting for survival, promised that all those behind the move, which he termed as treacherous, would pay.
Through a combination of power play and lobbying, the former Foreign Affairs minister was able to hold on to his position as party leader, and went on to further cement it with his recent resounding win in the Kabuchai by-election.

Having firmly secured his position, it seems that Moses Wetangula is now out for blood.


Over the weekend, during a rally in Bungoma, Wetangula trained his guns on his governor, raising complaints over the usage of funds meant for Covid response by the county government, and calling upon the county assembly majority leader to take action.
Without directly mentioning impeachment, the Bungoma senator implored the majority leader to take appropriate action.


He said that him calling for accountability regarding the usage of funds didn’t mean he had anything against the governor, but was simply championing for accountability.

He further added that it would be embarrassing for him and Senate speaker Ken Lusaka to have to sit in the house and preside over a misconduct motion touching on their county Bungoma, and in his case, a member of his own party.

When Lusaka rose to speak, he echoed Wetangula’s sentiments.

Last week, the office of the Auditor General released a report in which it was indicated that over thirty counties might have misused devolved funds meant for Covid response, after records showed that they couldn’t properly account for their expenditure.
Bungoma was among the counties.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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