Wajir Governor faces an impeachment motion

Wajir Governor Abdi Mohamed is facing an impeachment motion after Members of Wajir County Assembly (MCAs) accused him of delegating the County powers to his wife, Kheira Omar.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, Tulatula Member of County Assembly (MCA) Abdullahi Isack who sponsored the motion told journalists that Governor Abdi had abandoned his role as the county boss.

“The governor has allowed his wife to literally run county affairs as the de facto authority. He ceremoniously officiates and signs off where necessary for decisions she unilaterally makes based on her own wishes and judgment without due regard to any law,” Abdullahi stated.

“It is an open secret in Wajir County and far beyond its borders that Kheira Omar is the ‘supreme leader’ of the county and it is always her way or the highway. This has brought ridicule and disrepute to the Office of the Governor,” he added.

MCAs have also raised concern about the lack of a county strategic plan, poor accountability, and 6 reshuffles in the Finance docket that have been done in just two years.

However, the county boss has obtained a conservatory order suspending debate on the impeachment motion that was scheduled for April 27, 2021.

He stated that the county assembly had not exhausted all the existing avenues to resolve disputes with the County Executive before filing the impeachment motion.

He accused the impeachment supporters of being used by political rivals, adding that he had met a number of MCAs who did not raise issues with his administration. 

“During all these interactions, I have not received major grievances from either the leadership or the membership of the assembly other than their quest for payment of the car grants,” the governor stated.

“It is in my considered opinion that the current battle staged by the members is not on service delivery but is politically instigated,” he added.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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