Waititu Finally Speaks On Rejuvenating His Political Career, Says He Will Go For Kiambu Gubernatorial Seat Again On UDA Ticket

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu who was ousted from the seat has finally spoken on rejuvenating his political career and he will be contesting in the Kiambu gubernatorial seat on the Deputy President William Ruto’s led United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket.

The former Kiambu boss who was accompanied by the Second in Command in his Kiambu tour on Sunday 19 September affirmed that he would make a political comeback after he was ousted from the governor’s seat for embezzling county funds.

Speaking during the DP’s Kiambu tour, the former Kiambu governor pledged his allegiance to the second in command informing that he had resorted to working with DP Ruto because of his significant influence in the Central region.

“Where I am today, I will be coming back to Kiambu. Do you want me to come back to Kiambu? I am with you and I am with the Deputy President in the UDA party,” Waitutu stated.

Waititu further criticized the jubilee administration for kicking him out from his seat forcefully because of his close association with the second in command.

“A lot of people have suffered because of the row between Uhuru and Ruto. I was the first victim before they went for other allies.
I am at peace even though they removed forcefully without following the law,” the former Kiambu county boss stated

The former Kiambu boss also called upon DP Ruto to make peace with President Uhuru Kenyatta as recommended by clergies, noting that the reconciliation will also bring peace to the entire country.

“The Catholic Bishops have stated that you and the president should reconcile. This will bring peace and enable us to campaign peacefully,” Waititu stated.

The disgraced former governor also urged the Deputy President to be vigilant and ensure that the government does not use its institutions to punish his allies.

“Once you are on the reconciliation table, tell them to stop using the EACC and the KRA to punish those who are supporting your presidential bid,” Waititu added.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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