Waihiga forced to pause interview after Besigye’s uncontrollable laughter over handshake politics.

Col Kizza Besigye is a man who has seen it all, from being beaten up to being pepper-sprayed, and perhaps for this reason, he doesn’t easily give up as much as a smile. However, in his last interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura, the Colonel, who clearly found the idea of the handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta quite ridiculous and funny, broke into uncontrollable laughter, and Waihiga had to give him some time to get himself together before he could proceed with the interview. 

Waihiga Mwaura who has been in Uganda to cover their just concluded elections was interviewing the former Ugandan opposition leader in his Kampala home.In the wide ranging interview, the late night news anchor had sought the Colonel’s view on the Kenyan handshake in particular, and the politics of reconciliation in general. 

Besigye began by saying that he was reluctant to comment on an issue which he had no proper understanding of, and he admitted that he didn’t quite have the proper intimate facts that informed the handshake. He then continued, saying that his lack of knowledge of the handshake, wasn’t from lack of trying. He said that he had approached his Kenyan friends from both sides (Raila supporters and Uhuru supporters), and asked them details concerning the handshake. He said they all told him that the only people who knew about the handshake were the two handshake partners, and that they were just following whatever they were being told. 

This was where the Colonel broke into laughter, amused by the fact that a group of leaders would commit themselves to a cause which they know nothing about, and readily support it. 

While mockingly praising Kenyan leaders for being trusting, he admitted that personally, he wasn’t as trusting, and that for him to put his weight behind a particular push or ideology, he would have to have totally examined it, and understood its finer details.

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