Waiguru reaffirms unreserved support and unyielding loyalty to Uhuru

About a month after Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru made what was an unmistakable and clear signal that she was headed towards the DP Ruto allied United Democratic Alliance party, the former Cabinet Secretary appears to have made a sudden and abrupt about-turn following an unequivocal statement that she made while hosting this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations.

All this was happening at the Wang’uru Stadium which was the venue that the year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations were held. When the Kirinyaga’s governor chance to speak arrived, she welcomed everyone that had attended the celebrations, further thanking them for gracing the event with their presence. She also thanked the National government for deciding to honour the county by bringing the event there. She then proceeded to go through and list all the achievements and development projects that her government had been able to make.

In her conclusion, however, she made quite a weighty and telling statement. She reiterated her support for Uhuru and his government, asserting in clear terms that she intends to give all the assistance that she can to the president.

In the run-up to the Mashujaa Day celebrations scheduled l, there had been complaints emerging from the Kirinyaga County government over what had been termed as sidelining. The governor’s office had been lamenting that the ministry of Interior, under the guidance of PS Kibicho, has taken over the entire process of preparing the national event without involving the local government. All this was coming hot on the heels of previous complaints from the governor who had blamed the current legal woes concerning issues of integrity on operatives within the county government.

Kibicho, on his side, argued that every important stakeholder in the county had been involved, and each category had been given 50 slots for the event. He disclosed that the Kirinyaga County government had in fact been given 300 slots, even as they complained. He reiterated that the event wasn’t a county event but a national one, and so everyone had to be taken into consideration.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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