Wahu discloses body shaming from Nameless during early dating days, leaves fans confused

In a shocking revelation that has left many of her fans confused, celebrated Kenyan songstresses Wahu has now come out to share some disturbing things that her husband Nameless would say to her during their early dating days. This has left many of their fans confused as to whether it was all said just jokingly, or if perhaps it is simply just a publicity stunt to promote their new song that they’ve just released together titled “Feeling”.


Wahu and Nameless are not just somewhat of a Kenyan antique when it comes to celebrity couples, but have also served as an inspiration to many young couples both within the entertainment industry, and outside it. Unlike other famous couples who came before them, and who have come afterwards, Wahu and Nameless have largely managed to keep the drama within their marriage out of the spotlight. That’s if there’s even any drama to begin with; as far as some of their fans are concerned, their marriage is faultless, and has absolutely no drama whatsoever.


However, following Wahu’s recent tweet, all this may now be brought to question. Wahu claims that back during their early dating, Nameless would make negative comments about her looks and physical features such as the shape of her head.
Noticeably, Nameless is yet to respond to the claims stating that he would constantly comment on the shape of her wife’s head, saying that it was too stretched and curved at the back.

Wahu wrote,

When we were dating this guy used to tell me to warn him when I’m turning around…ati juu kisogo yangu ni kubwa inaeza mgonga ?. who says that to a girl he likes? ??‍♀‍ and I still married him
Interestingly, she told people to open a link to their song all the same.

It will be remembered that a while back, one of the country’s first celebrity couples, Gido Kibukosya and Suzanne, divorced abruptly, leaving their fans, and the entire country in disbelief.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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