Viral video cop Viviana responds after Internal Affairs allegations of a 100, 000 phone case

The to and fro between the policewoman whose video went viral a while back, and who has now been identified as Viviana Hyline, and the Internal Affairs Unit of the police doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.


The entire drama started about a week ago after Viviana posted a video online in which she pleaded with the Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai to allow her to resign since she was facing difficulties in her duties as a police officer. She cited discrimination and sexual harassment as some of the challenges she was facing.


With the video having reached Mutyambai, he directed the service to immediately commence investigations into the matter.


However, a couple of days ago, it’s alleged that the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) concluded their investigations and found that although it’s true she had lodged a complaint in February, it was of a different nature and had nothing to do her complaints in the video.


The IAU reportedly added that the real reason behind her social media complaint was a case involving a Ksh105,000 mobile phone. The traffic officer purchased the phone from a Mombasa dealer who she later accused of scamming her.


Viviana was reported to have demanded a refund of Ksh80,000. According to IAU, the case between the two dragged on, moving from one department to another until it got to the office of Deputy Inspector General. The DIG ordered that Viviana be given 70,000 as refund, but then also be transferred from traffic to a different Police department.


She was against this transfer and hence the cause of her anger.

However, Viviana has now come out to say that since Mutyambai ordered a probe into the matter, no help has been forthcoming.


Viviana, 27, said that for the one week since Mutyambai decided to delve into the matter, she had agreed to stop talking to the press out of respect to the IG, but since she sees no changes, she’ll continue talking to the press and agitating for her rights.

She revealed a case of sexual harassment from an officer that had been transferred to her station from Kamukunji.

She also disclosed that since her video, she has received a call from a senior policewoman asking her why she was being dramatic, and if she thought she was the first female officer to be sexually harassed.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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