Video: Nigerians burn Chinese factory in retaliation to attacks of Africans in China.

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Nigerian youth have burnt a Chinese factory to retaliate against attacks of Africans in China. According to a video link that appeared on YouTube, a group of youths are seen breaking the factory premises and a huge cloud of smoke coming out from the burning structure.

The escalating turn of events is obviously getting out of hand and the earlier African leaders find a better way to address this issue, the better.

Kenyan Senator, Ladema Ole Kina asked for all Chinese to be kicked out of Kenya and criticized the Kenyan government for defending the Chinese. A tweet that appeared on his twitter handle said in part, “All Chinese should be kicked out of Kenya! PS Kamau is lying through his teeth! If he cared about Kenyans, he would not have been defending the Chinese! Total nonsense! Ambassador Serem is also busy enjoying herself in China instead of working for Kenyans! Home guards’ attitude!” reads Senator Olekina’s tweet.

Social media was a wash with praise to the Nigerian Ambassador to china who was captured on camera snatching passports of Nigerian citizens that had been confiscated by Chinese authorities.

Treatment and harassment of Africans by other countries especially in Saudi Arabia and China has increased. Just last week on Friday, Saudi Arabia deported 3,000 Ethiopians working in the country while hiding behind trying to control the spread of Corona Virus. The Ethiopian Foreign Affairs minister criticized those deported including human traffickers in his country for contributing to the fate they faced. In China, Africans have been trolled on a popular Chinese social media platform, WEBO, in which blatant racism has been exposed.

Fear of Chinese influence in Africa is growing and it appears that most Africans may revert taking retaliation action because they feel that their leaders have been pocketed by China and can’t make decisions that are in their best interest.

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