VIDEO: Ndindi Nyoro Breathes Fire, Tells President Kenyatta to Return DP Ruto’s Votes Back

The vocal Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has finally come out express his displeasure on how the ruling Jubilee party is treating Deputy President William Ruto and his followers.

Speaking during press conference on Saturday 6 May, the outspoken lawmaker stated that if it wasn’t the second in command, the Jubilee party could have not won the election.

The lawmaker further told President Uhuru Kenyatta and his allies to give DP Ruto his votes back and then chase him from the party as they have been planning.

“Jubilee could not have won if it was not for Ruto. As I said before, if Jubilee is tired of William Ruto, let’s give him his votes then chase him away,” Nyoro stated.

“But when we do that, let’s count again and see whether we will still retain 50%+1. Otherwise, you can purport to say Ruto is an angel when you need him to get to your destination but turn against him and call him a thief and brand his allies as manner-less politicians,” he added.

The Kiharu lawmaker also argued that people should be given a chance to talk, associate, and make choices freely for democracy to build up the nation.

“Pluralism, rule or law & accountability are the basis on which economies grow. When people talk freely, associate freely & make choices freely, meritocracy flourish. When that happens, the best ideas have a chance. We are African and Africa is our Business..” he asserted.

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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