VIDEO: Herman Manyora Outlines How BBI Ruling Will Favour DP Ruto In His 2022 Presidential Bid

Renowned political analyst Herman Manyora has outlined how the court ruling on the contentious Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will benefit Deputy President William Ruto in his 2022 presidential.

As the court of appeal is set to give its verdict on the contentious Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Constitutional amendment initiative on Friday 20 August Kenyans have started weighing into the matter with some anticipating it will be in favor of the BBI.

The BBI proponents and opponents are currently crossing their fingers to see if the seven judges bench of the court of Appeal will uphold the high court decision or overturn it.

Political critics are now up to the task of predicting the likely scenarios after the court of Appeal much-awaited rolling on the Constitutional document changes.

Political analyst Herman Manyara has also given his opinion on how the ruling will benefit the deputy President Willam Ruto to realize his ambition to succeed his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, in the next race to Statehouse.



The renowned political analyst peaking through his YouTube channel noted that if the court of Appeal rules in favor of the proponents, they will have it easier to share power because of the positions which will be created.

The analyst also noted that
should the court uphold the high court ruling on the document then the second in command will benefit more than his competitors although he will not depend on the ruling fully.

Manyora further noted that there are high chances that the appellate court will uphold the high court’s previous rolling because of the perception of the public that the ruling was pro-people.

On the other hand, the professor added that the appellate court may decide to agree with the high court partly and disagree partly so that it plays both to the corridor and the law.

According to Manyora, the ruling should be done in a way that doesn’t allow the country to go for a referendum but this should go all the way to the supreme court for the final determination.


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    Written by Emily Odeny

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